A Lovely Weekend

On Saturday, Kate, Whiskey and I headed down to Scarborough, Maine for a show at the Wassamki Springs campground.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous — sunny and in the 70’s, with a nice breeze.  Space under the grooming tent was at a premium, and since we didn’t claim a spot on Thursday when the shows started, we set up instead under some lovely shade trees, alongside other Cardi folks.  It was such a nice spot that we opted to have our club meeting there as well!

Saturday was the Yankee CWC Club’s supported entry, and Tom Stewart came all the way from the mid-west to judge Sweeps for us.  He did a terrific job, and Nancy Cunliffe’s bitch “Pretty” walked away with the Best Puppy in Sweeps honor, with Kate’s Ollie as Best Opposite.

Regular classes were judged by Dr. H. Scott Kellogg, who was certainly very thorough in his examination of the dogs, and there was a lot of depth of quality in the entry.  Best of Breed was Liz Lewis’s Colin; Best Opposite was Pixie’s Megan; Winner’s Dog was Liz’s Aidan; Reserve WD was Cheryl Black’s Cosby; Winner’s Bitch was Nancy’s Pretty; and Reserve WB was Whiskey.

After judging and the Yankee club meeting, Joanna Kimball took some photos of the dogs for us.  Whiskey was *ahem* less than cooperative, so the shots below were the best Joanna could do with her:

Front (somewhat obscured in the grass)

As close as we could get to a stacked shot

Yesterday was even warmer and more beautiful than Saturday, so we hooked up the hose and had an impromptu pool party in the back yard.  Kate was the designated photographer this time.

Typically, Magnum drove Ella to distraction by rushing to beat her to the toy every. Single. Time.

And one ring to rule them all…

As Kate said on Facebook: “Blues are a special kind of ‘special.'”

As usual, Elli was fairly unimpressed to be outside, but she did join in the fun a little bit.

At least until she decided that she had… um, other things to do?

Yeah, I don’t know either.

Whiskey wasn’t too sure about this whole pool thing.  I set her in there once, and she promptly jumped out.  Maybe she thought it was weird how everyone kept jumping into the REALLY BIG water bowl?

“Doesn’t mom usually scold us for playing in the water bowl?”

She mostly ran around and tried to get in on the game of fetch.

…but she DOES have her moments of silliness:


Ian, not to be outdone by these young whippersnappers (I LOVE this shot of the boys):


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, even beautiful, dog-filled weekends.  Before you know it, it’s all “behind” you:

New entry into the “Corgi butts drive me nuts!” meme

Here’s hoping the June shows have such lovely weather!


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  1. Actually, Pretty was not only also Best of winners, but also Best of Opposite over the two bitch specials, giving her a five point major. And Megan was Select Bitch. No Select dog I think.

    • Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter)

      Oops!! I should know better than to try and post results — I never know what the heck is going on. My bad!

  2. Also, Whiskey has SUCH a pretty face!

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