Puppies! Flip flops! Duck necks! And OMG the hair!!!!

…In other words, just another typical weekend for the Kaleidoscope & Hagaren crew.  On Saturday Kate and I packed up Ollie and Whiskey and headed to Joanna’s house for the Daisy Poppy-Shade puppy party.  Ollie was a planned passenger; Whiskey was a last minute substitution.  Magnum was originally scheduled to go so that a potential Eva-Mag puppy buyer could meet him, but that person ended up with a Daisy Poppy puppy (wow, say THAT five times fast).  Kate convinced me that this would be a great socialization experience for Whiskey so, though dubious, I loaded her crate into the car and off we went.

Along the way, we hit a few pet stores as Kate continued the Great Dog Bed Hunt of 2012.  She purchased one at the Animal House in Damariscotta.  Though intended for Ella, Ollie got to pre-sample the bed on the way to Joanna’s, a fact that PISSED OFF Whiskey to no end.  Seriously, if you could have seen the death glare.  “Really?  HE gets to have that bed and I’M stuck in this crate?  Well, I never!”  And she did not get over it the entire rest of the trip to New Hampshire.  No napping, no lying down, she sat and GLARED.  Someone’s a little diva-in-progress.

If you’ve never been to a puppy party at Joanna’s, they are totally awesome, and they are chaos.  Tons of people, kids, puppies running amok, a few of the resident dogs, and visitor dogs.  Whiskey isn’t always too sure of strangers, and especially of children, but I took her in and unleashed her.  She tried to climb my leg for maybe a minute or so, but then she shrugged it off and spent the rest of the time there carousing with Ollie, Tucker (the Clue-Shade puppy formerly known as Sebastian), Valentine, and whatever of the puppies wanted in on the teenage antics.  She even met a bunch of strangers and decided that they weren’t half bad.  Kate was right — it was a very good socialization experience for her.

We had to cut the visit somewhat short because Kate had arranged to meet up with the lady from Pawfectly Raw to pick up an order.  We arrived at the Kittery Trading Post ahead of her, so I wandered in to browse.  It would take a least a couple hours to tour the entire store, but I was dazzled by the bajillion pairs of flip-flops they carried.  I could spend a serious amount of money.  What they show on their website is only a fraction of what they actually had in the store.  I want at least ten pairs.

Pawfectly Raw has a great product at a good price, but it’s easy to see where they are cutting the expense:  the packaging.  The meat was packaged in plastic bags that were twist-tie closed, but not sealed.  Those bags were in plain cardboard boxes.  Though mostly frozen, we had a two hour trip back home, and cardboard is decidedly NOT water-proof, so we began a hunt for someplace that sold trash bags.  We eventually found a Rite Aid and got some “body bags” so we wouldn’t have a blood bath in the back of Kate’s car.

But the real CSI adventures started once we got home.  I’m pretty sure at one point the basement looked like a scene out of Dexter, sans the plastic sheeting hanging all around the room.  Rubber gloves:  check.  Plastic laid out on the table:  check.  Blood trail across the floor:  check.  Blood pooling underneath the cardboard boxes:  check.  And do you know how many duck necks there are in a 30 pound box?  A LOT.  I wish I’d gotten photos of the whole ordeal.  If only so I could prove where the trace evidence came from in case a CSI unit ever shows up at my house.

We topped off the dog activity on Sunday with baths for Ollie and Elli.  If you look at Elli, she doesn’t look like she has a lot of hair.  I can assure you, looks are deceiving.  That bitch has a TON of coat, and about 3/4 quarters of it came out all over my back deck.  It’s… do you remember that commercial for some vacuum or other, where there’s a cat sitting on the stairs, and it suddenly explodes and the stairs are COVERED with hair?  Yeah, it’s like that.  I thought that once I spayed her she wouldn’t shed like this, but I was wrong.  She still has the big shed, but even after dropping all of that hair she is still plush and has plenty more.  So, half a win?  Maybe?

So, that’s the weekend in a nutshell.  I wonder what people who don’t have dogs do on weekends…


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  1. rufflyspeaking

    I am not sure if I’m proud that my puppy parties now have a reputation, or horrified :).

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