Weekend show results

All in all, not a bad weekend in West Springfield.  Congrats to Liz Lewis and Cheryl Black for Colin’s BOB both days; to Dave Stacco and Linda Fowler for Ella’s win on Saturday; to Cheryl for Cosby’s BOW and Page’s BOS both days.

Magnum picked up another Select on Saturday under Janina Laurins, adding two more Grand Champion points.  He got dumped on Sunday, but as badly as he was behaving, I wouldn’t have awarded him anything either.  I suspect he doesn’t appreciate me showing Whiskey before him and then just grabbing his leash and taking him into the ring;  he seems to require a little ego-stroking beforehand.  Brady used to do the same thing when I was showing class dogs before him.  Nice to see the male ego crosses the species boundaries.

Kate’s Ollie picked up a Reserve both days, and he’s looking quite handsome.  Walking on his show lead was maybe not exactly on his agenda of preferred activities, but he’s still a puppy and will only get better and more handsome.  One of the judges told Kate that he has a bright future ahead of him, and I agree.

Whiskey acquitted herself nicely for her first weekend of shows.  The table is not her favorite thing, but she was the only one in the 6-9 month class, so I didn’t fuss with her overmuch; I wanted to make it a positive experience.  Both judges were good and patient with her.  She even recovered quickly and well from being startled when I caught my heel on the edge of a floor mat and almost ass-planted in the middle of the ring.  She was no doubt embarrassed; Whiskey is the most serious Cardigan I’ve worked with when it comes to showing, but she soldiered bravely on despite the humiliation of having the handling equivalent of what would happen if Gomer Pyle and a drunken bear had a baby together.  Crosses – we all have to bear them.

Next set of shows are at the Wassamki Springs campground in Scarborough, ME, May 17-20, since I’m missing the National. (WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)  Maybe there I can catch my foot in a ring gate or something and take the whole kit and kaboodle down!


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  1. Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter)

    OOOPS!! Forgot to congratulate on Holly’s win for Hush! If I’m not mistaken that finished her with a 5th major. Congratulations, Holly!

  2. Ollie will be doing nothing BUT walking on a show lead for the next month…

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