New Point Schedule for 2012

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this, but the new AKC point schedule, effective 5/16/12, has some changes for Cardigans in Division 1, which now encompasses the six New England states, but NOT New York.  I suspect that it’s that division realignment that is primarily responsible for the change in numbers.

Frankly, I’ve been surprised for a while now that our numbers haven’t gone up because, at least in Maine and Massachusetts where I primarily show, we have majors A LOT.  However, friends in New York have reported that they have a very hard time finding majors.  In the western part of the state, it’s nearly impossible.


So, the new Division 1 point schedule looks like this:

1 point:  2-2  (same as before)

2 points:  4-4  (same as before

3 points:  6-5 (1 more dog than before)

4 points:  7-8 (1 more dog and 1 more bitch than before)

5 points:  8-12  (1 more bitch than before)


Meanwhile, in New York, which is now grouped with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware in Division 2:

1 point:  2-2 (same as the 2011 Division 1 numbers)

2 points:  3-4  (1 less dog than 2011 Division 1 numbers)

3 points:  4-5  (1 less dog than 2011 Division 1 numbers)

4 points:  5-6  (1 less dog and 1 less bitch than 2011 Division 1 numbers)

5 points:  8-8  (3 less bitches than the 2011 Division 1 numbers)


I should mention that, for whatever reason, AKC does not have the new point schedule up yet under, you know, where it says Point Schedule.  For right now it’s still buried in the 2011 Statistics report, viewable here: .  The point schedules start around page 150.  There are also statistics by breed and by group of title winners in 2011, divided by conformation, obedience, tracking Rally, etc.  It’s pretty interesting, if numbers are your type of thing.


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