Reality Sucks

I generally try really, really hard not to let reality intrude into my nice, little world-according-to-Dawn fantasy of life, but every now and again it forcefully intrudes and has its nasty way with me.  Now would be one of those times.

Back in November, my husband lost his job at the place where he’d been employed for over ten years as a result of that department’s automation.  I didn’t panic at the time; he got a decent severance package, and he was eligible for unemployment.  I knew we’d have a few months worth of house payments, and life could coast along like normal as long as he found something else within a few months.

Well, it’s been a few months.  Unfortunately, a new job has not yet materialized.  Which means that, much as I like to avoid it at all costs, I have to bow to reality, do the responsible thing, and not spend a bunch of money that could be better used elsewhere.

So, no 2012 National for me.

I am, like, lie-in-bed-and-sob-for-an-entire-day depressed about this.  I was SO looking forward to seeing everyone in person and watching all of the lovely Cardigans and debuting my puppy on the big stage.  But things like heating oil and electricity and food to feed the dogs are apparently higher on the priority list than a week-long Cardi-palooza, no matter how badly I wanted to be a part of it.  It sucks.  It sucks big, purple donkey balls, but there it is.

Have a super-duper, wonderfulicious time, everyone.  I expect lots of photos and blog posts and Facebook updates!!

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, sniffling in the corner.  😦


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  1. I am right there with you. 😦

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