A Sad Day in Cardidom

Earlier today, Dotty DeBeck, long-time Cardigan breeder and partner in Blackdale Cardigans, passed away after an illness.

I always enjoyed spending time with Dotty at the shows.  She had a deep love for and knowledge of the breed, and she was always willing to share her knowledge and experience.  She was tremendously kind and generous to other exhibitors, and she was very patient in answering question after question about shoulders and tail-sets and angulation and whatnot from this newbie.

Dotty was also generous with her time, chairing the supported entries and serving on committees and the Board of Directors for the Yankee Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club.  Whenever we had a question about history or procedure at a meeting, we all turned to Dotty, because we knew that she had the answer.

The Cardigan breed has lost one of its greats today.  My heart goes out to Dotty’s family and to Cheryl Black, her friend and long-time kennel-partner.  I can only imagine the warm and boisterous welcome she received on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


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  1. I am so sorry to hear this. She was a true legend.

  2. Amanda Ireland

    Dawn, I have Dotty’s cat… I need to find a home for him. I have someone coming to meet him on Saturday. If this doesn’t work out, he’ll be available.

  3. Kate Schlachter

    Dawn that was beautifully said.
    I too was fortunate to have Dotty help me as a newbie to exhibiting cardis. I treasure all the input she gave to me, not only about cardis but about dogs & life in general.
    She was kind, knowledgeable, fun &, she told it like it was, which is something not many have the courage to do today.
    We will all miss her presence & like you said I’m sure she recieved quite the welcome when she arrived @ the bridge!
    May she rest peacfully with all the wonderful canines that were waiting for her (-8=

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