Ten signs your life has gone completely to the dogs

10.  You have more cow shin bones on your living room floor than most cattle ranchers have in their pastures.

9.  The combination of dog beds and crates takes up more square footage of your bedroom than your own bed does.

8.  Half of your dishwasher rack is taken up with dog bowls.

7.  Those are not the only dishes in your dishwasher that the dogs have eaten off of.

6.  You are anticipating the installation of a raised bathtub in the basement the way other people look forward to retiring or winning the lottery.

5.  You are able to identify which dog lay where by the muddy belly-prints on the kitchen floor.

4.  You pack more bags for the dogs when you go away for a show weekend than you do for yourself.

3.  Vehicle purchases come down to one basic question:  “How many crates can I fit in it?”

2.  A carpet-shampooer is no longer a piece of equipment to be rented once a year, but a household necessity akin to central heating.


1.  You have already chosen a registered name and are debating call names for a puppy from a litter that is, at best, a year away, and which may never even happen at all.


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  1. #2 could be changed to no longer needing a carpet shampoo-er because you’ve ripped out all your carpet and replaced it with ceramic tile 🙂

    I play the registered name game all the time!

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