Magnum, Immortalized

Most, if not all, of you have probably seen this on the far-too-modest and very talented Kate‘s Facebook page, but in case you haven’t, she’s been doing these wonderful Cardigan sculptures, and Magnum served as her first model:

I love how she is able to capture the nuances of personality.  That’s Magnum’s patented “ready to woo-woo and spring into action” look — lips pursed, ears at attention, and giving the ‘Manson lamps’.  If you’ve met Magnum and seen him in action, chances are you’ve seen this look.

Once Kate posted this photo, some other folks expressed interest in having her sculpt their dogs.  Here’s her first commissioned piece:


And her second, which is as yet unpainted:


Ella, ever jealous of other dogs absorbing Kate’s attention, even if they are made of clay, demanded her own homage, also as yet unpainted:


Trust me, if you’ve met Ella, the resemblance is UNCANNY, even without the paint.

I am so tickled and impressed to watch these little clay dogs taking shape.  The whole process is kind of a wondrous wee mystery to me, because I have, like, Z-E-R-O artistic talent or ability myself.  I can stitch and follow a cross-stitch pattern, but when it comes to taking paper or clay and forming it into something, nada.  Seriously, I need a ruler to draw a stick-person.  And if I were trying to sculpt a dog, it would end up looking pretty much like this:

...or maybe a turtle...?

So, yeah.  I’m wicked impressed!

I’m waiting for some enterprising Trophy Chairman to pounce on Kate for the possibility of Specialty trophies.  She did say that she’s willing to do other breeds besides Cardigans, too.

I’m just hoping the requests hold off until Ian, Elli and Whiskey find their way into clay!


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  1. Wow! I want one too! Well, really, I want two!

  2. I can only make Ella look like that because I have stared at her for hours every day for almost three years. Unfortunately, probably won’t be able to get that close with most of them, but I’ll try.

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