A(nother) Case of Terminal Stupidity

So, Carolyn Cannon posted a link to this article on Facebook, and since we all know how I love to soapbox…


Basically, this Heath Franklin character owns two Akitas whom he lets run off-leash at a public park in Medford, Oregon.  These dogs have killed at least one dog and injured another in two separate attacks.  In addition to these attacks that are detailed in the link above, there were reportedly two others (though those dog owners did not contribute to this article):  One woman saved her little dog by spraying Franklin’s dogs with pepper spray. Another man fought off the dogs who were attacking his pet while his little boy was nearby.

And what does Heath Franklin have to say about the situation?  According to the article, he “didn’t realize the ‘horrible tragedy’ his dogs committed after they escaped from his yard that day until he read Dee Selby’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s Mail Tribune.”  Gee, so apparently the blood that he admits to seeing on his dogs’ coats didn’t clue him in?  Also, the fact that Selby told you your dogs had attacked, which you acknowledged by saying you would return?

Franklin also says “he feels badly about Selby’s loss and that he ‘wants to make it right.'”  Hint:  The dog is dead.  You can’t “make it right.”

But oh, it gets better!  “Franklin also said he is concerned about repercussions from animal control and/or the police, adding he and his two dogs are victims of a ‘witch-hunt.'”  Here’s another hint, asshat:  It’s not a “witch-hunt” when your dogs are ACTUALLY WITCHES!!!!!!  You are not being persecuted; you are being HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR SOMETHING YOU ALREADY DID WRONG!!!!!!!!!

Think he’s done?  Not by a long shot.  Franklin:  “I’m not some pit bull owner with a meth habit out to wreak havoc on the dog park.”


Are. You. Fucking. Kidding Me?!!!!

You, Mr. Franklin, are EXACTLY AS BAD as “some pit bull owner with a meth habit out to wreak havoc on the dog park.”  Except at least the meth addict has something other than sheer narcissistic STUPIDITY on which to blame the situation.  You, Mr. Franklin, have full knowledge of your dogs’ prior offenses, and YET YOU STILL ALLOW THEM TO RUN OFF LEASH IN A PUBLIC PARK!!!!

Okay, surely Mr. Franklin has something to offer in his own defense, right?  Hmm…

“They’re big dogs and they’re hard to handle,” Franklin said, adding he was bitten by his own dog during that attack. “I still have the mark on my nail.”

Gee, you don’t say.  The fact that they’re “hard to handle” didn’t clue you in that maybe they aren’t appropriate to be let loose?

Oh, but see, Mr. Franklin is actually the victim here, don’t you know:

  • Franklin said he remembers the incident with the Airedale, saying he didn’t realize there were other dogs at the park when he let his dog run free. Franklin accused Eddy of “unholstering” a handgun and threatening to shoot his dog while Franklin was trying to regain control of his animal.  
  • Franklin said he has seen Eddy several times at the park since the incident between their dogs.  “Every time he sees me, he stops,” Franklin said. “I feel like he’s provoking me.”  

Buddy, if that had been me, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, because you would already be dead, along with your dogs, if that had been me, and I’d had a gun.

And finally, ladies and gentlemen, the coup de grace:

Franklin has bred several litters of puppies from these two Akitas, which he characterized as ‘husband and wife.’  “My dogs are cool,” Franklin said. “But if I have to put down my dogs, I understand. I believe in an eye for an eye.”

Heath Franklin, you?  Are an idiot.  Not only are you an idiot, you are irresponsible and have demonstrated, time and again, that you have a complete and utter disregard for the rights and the safety of anyone else around you.  Your dogs DO need to be taken away from you.  Not necessarily put down, because in the hands of someone who is NOT a complete idiot, they may be handled appropriately.  If they ARE put down, it is not “an eye for an eye.”  It is another in a long line of incidents where a dog pays the ultimate price for his owner’s stupidity.  You, sir, do not need to own a dog.  Not these dogs, not any dog.

I sincerely, sincerely hope that you are held fully accountable under any and all applicable civil and criminal laws in the city of Medford and the state of Oregon.


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  1. Stupid, irresponsible dog owners are the ones who should be put down. I am constantly sickened by these kinds of people. I hope everyone who’s been hurt by this moron sues his pants right off.

  2. Thank you for taking that and running with it. I was speechless this morning when I read the article. Another case of “not the dogs’ fault but they will pay the ultimate price.”

    • Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter)

      Hey, I’ve never met a soapbox I could resist standing on. I couldn’t believe the torrent of stupid pouring out of that guy’s mouth, Carolyn. What a senseless, tragic set of circumstances.

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