The Gamma Rho Lamda Sorority House

Or, as the canines currently in residence like to say it, GRRRRRRRRRRL.

After a third side-by-side AI last night, pretty much everyone in the household, both human and canine, agreed that we had had enough of horny male dogs.  So once the festivities were concluded, Magnum had a bath and went over to Grammy’s house to be swapped out for Elli.

For the first time since I have had my own multiple-dog household, we have an all-girl sorority house.  I’ve read a lot of websites and puppy-buying books that advise potential new dog owners that there is very little difference between male and female puppies when one is looking for a pet.  This?  Is bullshit.

When I walked back in with Elli in tow instead of Magnum, the difference was noticeable and immediate.  Yeah yeah, things weren’t exactly normal before with one of the girls in heat, I get that.  I’m not talking about the hormonal-boy-brain-shenanigans, though.  There is just a totally different energy in the house with only girls here.  It’s like they come out of themselves more, as though having a male presence in the house suppresses them somehow.  They play with more abandon, more silliness.  They’re more outgoing and seem just generally happier.

It kind of reminds me of a junior high school party.  Throw boys and girls together and the girls clump up into a bunch, giggling and eyeing the boys and not being quite sure how to act around them.  They want to play by the girl code, but they also want to impress the boys, and sometimes those things are at odds with one another.  Take the boys out of the equation and have an all-girl slumber party, though, and woo-hoo!!  Popcorn, pillow fights, wild giggling, hair braiding ear licking, and dancing wildly around without a care to how silly they look, just expressing pure joy.  Oh sure, once in a while someone takes the watermelon-flavored Bonne Belle lip gloss that another girl was coveting, but the squabbles are mostly brief and generally forgotten once they put in a Justin Bieber video and snuggle together for a collective swoon.

I adore my boys, don’t get me wrong.  It’s my experience that they are generally the more clingy and more into the smooshy-love than the girls.  And they seem to want to please more than the their female counterparts; my boys, while goofy, will turn themselves inside out to make me happy.  My girls have more drive and more focus, but they also think more independently.  There are things I love about both all my dogs specifically, and about the two genders in general.

But from a purely pack-dynamic perspective?  I’m liking the sorority house.  I don’t expect I’ll be keeping boy puppies in the future.


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  1. I’ve never had a girl, but if I am lucky enough to get one more Cardigan someday, I think it will be a small girl, for size for one thing (I am getting too old to lift a 40lb male!), and also to change up the experience. It really sounds like there is a big difference.

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