Apologies Are in Order

After conferring with Kate and with Magnum, who was feeling much maligned following my blog post of the other day, I am compelled to print a retraction.

To whit:  Magnum would like to assure the world that he is, in fact, NOT a “dwarf dog” with respect to the equipment necessary to the current task at hand.  A second collection for AI, this time with my observation and participation, brought the matter forcibly to my attention, and I must offer due apologies to Magnum for my libelous assumptions in the previous post.  In fact, he himself scoured the internet for an appropriate photo to include this time around:

Magnum (leering):  “Hmm, yeah.  That’th more like it.”

Me:  “See, this is why you’re not allowed on the internet.  Don’t you think that’s a little ‘in your face?'”

Magnum:  “We could potht another picture:   I got your ‘in your fathe’ riiiiight here, baby.”

Me:  “MAGNUM!!”

Magnum:  “Hmm…”

<shuffling sounds as the nasty dog is escorted to his crate>


Wow, sorry about that, folks.  Randy, young stud dogs; what’re you gonna do?

So, at this point, I’m not really sure why we haven’t gotten a natural tie yet.  Eva does seem to be on the tight side, and she seems to pull away when he gets within the red zone, so that could be the issue.  He also doesn’t seem to really “put himself out there” with her, so that may be part of it too.  We’ve tried holding her in place, but Magnum seems to lose interest when he can’t chase her all over the kitchen (typical male, gotta have the pursuit), so…  I don’t know.

Thoughts from any of you experienced breeders out there?




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  1. Might I suggest the bathroom, with a disco ball and some mood music? Seems to be the only place “magical” enough for the boys around here. It’s such a great way to get ready in the morning, while brushing your teeth, to turn around and get quite the eyefull.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Ohh. And don’t forget a liberal dosing of some truly noxious cologne. Or maybe some AXE body spray? Their advertising seems to suggest that it is quite the aphrodisiac.

  3. We didn’t think our blue dog was going to be able to do it either but after 3 AI’s he managed to tie with the our girl in the backyard. Wasn’t there when it happened so not quite sure how he managed it, but he did. And 7 beautiful pups were born last week!

  4. I don’t do natural breedings with my boys for two reasons. First, diseases can be shared that way and second, if, during a tie, the girl decides she does not like what is going on, your boy can be injured or decide that he doesn’t like this breeding stuff at all. We do side by side AIs for all breedings (or collect, extend, chill and ship). It’s safer and more predictable than hoping the dog can get the job done and after trying for two or three days breaking down and doing the AI anyway.

  5. Did you take your rug?

  6. D’Oh! I missed it because it was almost 3 years ago. Silly me.

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