The Weavils

Those would be “weaves” + EVIL.  At least that’s how Elli and I look at them.   Anyway, the good news is that Elli was doing 6 weave poles at last week’s class.  The bad news is that it was a set of 12.  *sigh*  Baby steps…

I was hoping to have photos of Elli doing something great — or at least mildly competent — at agility class, but since my camera is a piece of @#$% and can’t take action shots worth a damn, there was nothing worth uploading and posting.

I’m looking forward to the warmer weather;  my agility instructor does run-throughs at the barn behind his training facility on Sunday mornings, and once it warms up a little bit I plan to start going to those again.  Unlike our class building, we have room at the barn to set up an entire course and pull out all of the contact equipment, such as the dog walk and teeter.  Sometimes we have standard courses, sometimes we do a colors course or jackpot or one of the other games courses that they do in CPE agility.  I think/hope/pray we start improving more once we’re coursing again.  Will we ever be ready to trial?

I think Elli will be.  Me?



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  1. Get a set of 2X2’s. It’s the best investment in weaving you will ever make! It doesn’t matter where in your weave training you are, it is a great method that builds tons of drive for the weaves!

    Wilson definitely sees them as Weavils…Jimmy, trained on 2X2’s, sees them as nothing but fun!

  2. I would get a set of 2x2s like Taryn said. Iggy Pop thinks these lovely pieces of PVC and metal are there to slow him down from getting into the next dimension of cardigandom. I made a HUGE mistake and was so anxious to trial I rushed Iggy on the weaves (2x2s) and we are paying for it now. He is wicked fast and knows how to screw with me on a course. Priscilla is not the norm and does everything right. CC is in training and we are not rushing it. I swore I would not. She LOVES THE WEAVES. Thank Gawd. I have to post some vids of her in training cause everyone sees the finished product but not inbetween. LOL

  3. Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter)

    Okay, I’m ignorant: what exactly are 2x2s in this context? I’ve tried putting up just two poles to teach her the proper entrance, but is this something different?


    This is the company I buy from. The 2x2s come in sets of 2, so for 6 poles you have 3 sets. Its similar to what you are doing in training. What I was taught to do (every trainer is different and have slightly different methods so YMMV) is you teach them to find the entrance from any point and drive through. Then you add the second set a couple feet apart so the dog has to go through 2 sets…and then move the second set closer and closer until the dog can do 4 straight poles in a line. Then we add the third set but at that point the dog knows to find the entrance and go to the end. It helps if the dog is bananas for toys something you can throw on the reward line. Like CC, Iggy is not a toy dog but he loves food so I take the food samples from pet expos and use that! LOL.

    It takes some time for me at least as I am a nitpicker after Iggy’s weave adventures (entirely my novice handling doing) but the end result is a dog that can find the entrance and stay in the weaves until the end from any point. In theory. My friend has a Mini Aussie who can do recalls through the weaves. I wish – but he is like lightning so she needs that reliability on a course. A fast dog won’t always Q as I am learning with Iggy. Priscilla Q’ed more times than not because she was so reliable and push button.

    On my blog in the video I posted of him in Open Standard he GETS the entrance and DOES the weaves until the last pole he popped out and GRINNED at me.

  5. Also, depending on your budget, Susan Garrett has a DVD out that details the whole process. You can get it at Clean Run or Susan’s website. On YouTube, try searching for 2×2 training, should be able to find plenty of examples there.

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