Photo Monday

While I toiled away at the office, Kate got some camera time in with the dogs today.  As ever, all credit for the photos goes to Kate and her Marvelous Camera.  Behold.

Magnum, as ever, wanted to play:


Ian turned up his nose at that idea:


But Ella and Whiskey were up for the challenge:

Blue on blue violence


Though sometimes it’s nice when it’s just us girls:


Ever wonder why they call it “living in the sticks?”:


After a brief romp, everyone more or less recovered their dignity:


In case you’re wondering, yes, Elli was invited to come outside to play with everyone else.  However, Herself would not deign to run around the yard outside, in the weather, like some kind of an animal.  She reportedly spent the entire time on the porch, looking woebegone and put upon, and just ever so Over It.   So, no photos of Her Royal Highness.


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  1. But I toil away on Saturdays, don’t forget!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Whiskey is just lovely!

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