Happy with the wins. The photos, not so much.

Very rarely do show win photos live up to fevered expectations, and Magnum’s photos from Fitchburg are no exception.  I’ve had exactly ONE win photo so far that I’m happy with, and neither of these is it.

BOW/BOB/New Champion, Fitchburg 1/15/12

BOB, Fitchburg 1/16/12


Memo to self:

  1. If the photo is to be taken in the ring, ask to use the table.
  2. In the event that the table is unavailable and you MUST stack the dog on the floor, hold the dog’s collar with your left hand so as to avoid the extremely unfortunate and unflattering amputee effect.
  3. Have another Cardigan person tell you when your dog is stacked correctly rather than relying on the photographer to do so.
  4. For Christ’s sake, comb your damn hair!
  5. And, because it cannot be said enough:  LOSE SOME FREAKING WEIGHT, FER CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!

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  1. We both rocked that jacket though!

  2. Ahh not my favorite photographer. Love Ashby.

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