Supplier Review

Last week, I received an offer from for a coupon in return for an honest review of their site and services.  Since I’m a “dog person” (which is basically code for chronically broke), I thought “Free stuff!!!” and gladly accepted.  I placed my order online on Monday, and received the items I ordered on Tuesday.  I guess you can’t beat that delivery time! carries a wide line-up of premium dog foods including, amongst several others:

–          Blue Buffalo

–          Orijen

–          Taste of the Wild –

–          Dogswell –

–          Royal Canin Veterinary Diet –

–          Ziwipeak –

–          Stella & Chewy-

–          Natural Balance –

In addition to carrying these brands, MrChewy offers a subscription service.  If you buy a certain dog food at regular intervals, MrChewy can save you a trip to the local feed store/pet store/pet boutique by automatically delivering your food on a set schedule.  Since I’ve only just started rotating in occasional kibble meals along with the raw diet I normally feed, I did not opt to do this.  Once I have a good handle on how often I’ll need food, though, I will definitely consider it.

In terms of pricing, I found MrChewy to be pretty much in line with what I am paying locally.  Many of the online sites carry with them a hefty shipping price for dog food, making it a more expensive proposition than buying locally, but MrChewy always offers free shipping on orders of $49 or more which, let’s face it, is NOT hard to spend when it comes to buying premium dog food.  That being the case, I’ll be happy to let the delivery guy lug the heavy bag up the steps instead of me!

In addition to the line-up of dog food brands, MrChew offers several pages of dog treats, which is where I did my gratis shopping:   Some sweet potato chews, freeze-dried whitefish, liver treats, venison jerky, and duck breast jerky.  The shipment was, shall we say, popular with the resident corgwyn.  [Disclaimer:  the resident corgwyn are NOT fussy eaters.]

Other items rounding out MrChewy’s offerings include flea and tick products, potty pads, cat food and treats, and cat litter.  Once again, prices are in line with local pricing, in some cases a little bit lower, but I really like the idea of having them mailed to me rather than having to run around town to purchase them.  I’m lazy, y’all!

While MrChewy offers a decent selection, there was one item I had hoped to find and didn’t — the RedBarn beef roll that I use as bait in the show ring.  And because I like to have the ability to do all of my shopping in one place, I’m crossing my fingers that, as the company expands, they will both add more brands to the product line-up they already carry, AND branch out into grooming products, supplements, etc.  With that free shipping on orders over $49, I would be delighted to be able to make them my “One-Stop Shop.”


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  1. Would you consider switching to the Natural Balance Beef roll? I haven’t compared the ingredients between the two rolls (or the prices), but Mr. Chewy’s does carry it. I know my dogs think the Natural Balance Duck roll is doggie crack and will jump through hoops for it!

    • Dayna Dawn Small (AKA Dayna Barter)

      What is the consistency like? I really love the RedBarn because it is non-greasy, breaks apart easily, but doesn’t crumble completely to dust in my pocket — thereby making it the best bait I’ve found. Is the Natural balance of a similar consistency?

      • It is a similar consistency – not greasy and can be cut into cubes that don’t fall apart. I find if I don’t use all I cut up within 2 days (or so) it starts to create dust and crumble. I am not sure if that is comparable to the Red Barn or not. Bug is allergic to all the Red Barn flavors so we haven’t tried it.

  2. I use the Natural Balance roll in the ring myself. As long as i don’t leave it out to get dry, it doesn’t crumble. The dogs love it too.

  3. Natural Balance roll is a big hit here – even with my pickiest eater. I will have some with us at the show on 2/5 if you want to try some.

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