Stranger than Fiction?

I WISH my grooming area was this clean and organized!


I absolutely love Castle.  Seriously, Nathan Fillion is one of the most adorable things ever, and Stana Katic has really grown on me since the first season.  The banter is good, the plots are usually serviceable if not a revelation every week, and I generally enjoy the hell out of it.  So when you combine my two burning passions — namely episodic television and the dog fancy — you’d think that last night’s episode would have been an all-out squeefest for me.

Um, no.

Seriously, would it have killed one of the production assistants to do, like, five minutes of research online?  First of all, the opening scene of the Best in Show judging was so obviously a rip-off of  the 30 seconds the Director of Photography saw of Westminster as he flipped through the channels that one time (at band camp).  The yellow boxes announcing the breed, the green carpet… straight out of Westminster.  But this wasn’t the Westminster show; it was the “Sunfare Kennel” show.  Because apparently no one realized that Kennel Clubs put on shows; not actual, you know, kennels.

As our judge, “renowned dog trainer Francisco Pilar” (who is an equally obvious rip-off of Cesar Milan) looks over the exhibits, the camera cuts to a table of four people…  looking official and writing shit down…or something?  Yeah, I don’t know either.  Oh, and our BIS line-up includes a Yorkshire Terrier, a Bernese Mountain Dog, an Afghan Hound, a…  Toy Poodle?  Dandie Dinmont?  I don’t know, something small and whitish and curly-coated and fuzzy and Not. At. All. groomed like anything you would see anywhere near a dog show, let alone a BIS ring.  And we already have a Yorkie for the Toy group.  There’s also a Russell Terrier, a GSD, a yellow Lab, and a Pomeranian, who is ALSO a Toy breed.  I should note that the judge does not actually move the Pomeranian after examining it on the table.  I guess in fiction-land judges don’t bother to watch a dog move.  (Okay, maybe that part isn’t so far-fetched. Ahem.)  ANYway, after a properly dramatic pause, “Judge Pilar” awards:  First, second and third place.  For Best in Show.

*head -> desk*

And can we talk for a second about the likelihood of a Cesar Milan-type becoming an AKC conformation judge?  I’m not saying that there aren’t judges who are accomplished trainers or anything.  But the likelihood of a celebrity-type dog trainer in the style of Milan, who trains drug sniffing dogs (spoiler!) in his spare time, becoming an AKC conformation judge who is licensed to judge Best in Show?  Give me a break.

I was all set to go full-on, frothing-at-the-mouth ranty about said “judge” working on a new designer breed, but since that turned out to be just a red herring (spoiler!) I’ll shut my (figurative) trap about that.  I will, however, be really snotty for a second about that Pomeranian who supposedly lost due to politics because that?  Looked in no way like the Poms you see in the show ring.  Just… no.  (Plus, he was handled by that dude who played Ted in Queer as Folk and I have a deep and abiding hatred that burns with the fire of a thousand suns for that particular character.  So.)

Look, I realize that only 0.0002145% of the viewers watching the episode noticed anything off about it, and even some of that 0.0002145% don’t really give a rat’s ass because hello!  Nathan Fillion!, but my point is that it wouldn’t have been hard AT ALL to surf the ‘net for a few minutes, half hour tops to get the little details right.  It’s like with science fiction:  Don’t ask me to suspend disbelief about the problem your character is experiencing with his WARP-100 drive when you’ve just mistakenly identified an apple as a hedgehog.  Get the small stuff right so that the viewer is willing to follow along as the big stuff unfolds.  That’s Basic Story-Telling 101.

Nathan Fillion is still pretty adorbs, though.


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  1. OMG—you took the words right out of my mouth! I was debating how to blog about it all morning long. I will say the lead up to the 2nd half of the show was a total JOKE, but after they got through the nonsense, the rest was,well, pretty good. Sort of. Meredith was horrified, she’s got currently got her first teenage crush on Nathan and just could not understand how he could go along with a such a poorly written show about dog shows. I think she’s writing a nasty letter to the producers tonight. I am and will always be a Castle fan, they just need to do a little more research and take it a little more seriously. Sigh….I think I’ll put in Serenity tonight 🙂

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