Oh, what a difference a GOOD camera makes

After the crappy photos I took with my camera the other day, it was awesome to have “in-house photographer” Kate take some shots of the dogs with her vastly superior one.

I’d say Florida girl Whiskey has adjusted just fine to life in the frozen north:



Something caught Whiskey’s attention — probably the giant wild turkey in the woods — and she looked really dignified for a second:


And then, this happened:

And this:

Aaaand this:

So much for Whiskey’s dignity.  She did take the opportunity to point out that she has brand new front teeth, though:

"I have new teef and I'm not afraid to use 'em!!!"

Ian, as always, was dignified:

Until he wasn’t:

"Be vewy quiet... I'm hunting wabbits..."

Elli was not at ALL impressed by this white stuff:

"I can't believe they made me come out here with these heathens. There's SNOW out here."

But it wasn’t all bad:

"Did someone say 'turkey?'"

Magnum?  Dignified?

Not for long.


Ella thought that a little girl-on-girl action might warm up the afternoon:

Magnum (with his lisp): "Ladieth, pleathe! Thith ith not very theemly!!"

Magnum: "Oh my god, theeth girlth have gone WILD!"

Whiskey: "And don't you come back, either!"

"That went differently in my head."

Let’s hear it for Kate and her marvelous camera!


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