Back in the Saddle (and a mini-rant re: Why must people be so @#$%ing stupid?)


After a year off due to economic considerations, not to mention my work schedule, Elli and I went back to agility class last night at Canine Connections with Thom Lambert.   I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that both Elli and I had retained most of what we had worked on before our little sabbatical (even the rear cross!),  and she is ready to pick up where she left off.

Unfortunately, this discovery came via a class that turned out to be not so appropriate for her.  Since neither Thom nor I were sure what stage Elli would be at, he had me attend a class that was “not that advanced yet.”  “Not that advanced” is apparently a euphemism for “incapable of paying attention to your dog or holding onto its fucking leash.”

TWICE while Elli was running the mini-course, a dog got loose from its owner and rushed her.  This happened once with an Aussie and once with a Border Collie.  Fortunately no one got hurt, but it scared Elli and made her shy of that piece of the course that was near the others dogs.   THEN, while we were standing on the sidelines, the Border Collie’s owner let it come at her AGAIN, because instead of holding the dog himself after the first incident, he allowed his 4 year-old to “hold” it.  When I told him he needed to hold onto his dog instead of letting it “visit,” he looked at me like *I* was the unreasonable one.

You know, I realize that I’m more dog savvy than the average Joe by virtue of having grown up with dogs who were obedience competitors, but is it really so much to ask that people pay attention to their dogs instead of ignoring that end of the leash to gab about American Idol starting up again with another attendee who is similarly ignoring her own dog?  Someone could have gotten hurt, and I’m not just talking about the dogs, because I was this close to punching someone!

The good news is, next week I’ll be back in the advanced class, with people who are training competitively and who hey!  Know how to hold a leash!!  And pay attention to their dogs!!

What a novel concept.


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  1. I seriously know what you mean! I can’t tell you how many times I have run into folks who think flexi leads are a good idea in class settings. Seriously people…flexis?

  2. That does suck! But it is also the responsiblity of the school to ensure it doesn’t happen as well. I hope your instructor spoke up. The school where I train has very strict rules about that sort of thing happening even in the beginner classes. You get one or two slip-ups and after that you are excused w/o a refund. Everyone has to sign a release acknowledging the rules.

    And a parent letting a 4 yo hold the leash….egads, don’t even get me started……………

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