A Shiny New Blog and Name for a Shiny New Year

After a long, dry blogging spell, I have lots of growth and changes to share.  The first, obviously, is the transition from Smalltyme Cardigans to Kaleidoscope Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

I’ve been contemplating a name change in the back of my mind for some time.  While Smalltyme was a questionably cutesy play on my last name, and while I certainly don’t anticipate becoming some “big-time” breeder, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep a kennel name that felt at least in part like I was putting my own work down.  In talking (and talking… and talking…) with other Cardigans folks, we’ve remarked time and again on how odd and varied this breed is, and how you can look at a puppy one moment, glance away, then look back to see a completely different dog.  That propensity, plus the extensive palette of colors that Cardigans come in, gelled together into the name Kaleidoscope, and a new name was born.

This decision and the subsequent construction of a new blog dove-tailed nicely with a lot of events that have once again given me things to blog about.  The first is Kate Roberson’s move to Warren.  It has been so very, very cool to have another “Cardi person” right here in the house to talk pedigrees, show strategy, handling, breeding decisions, gossip (though Kate says my skills there are sadly lacking), and all of the 1,001 things us dog people gab about anytime we get within 10 feet of one another.  Both Kate and Ella slipped seamlessly into the household, and I plan on keeping her as long as she wants to stay.

The next bit of excitement is getting Magnum back out and into the show ring.  To say that Magnum went through The Fuglies would be a gross understatement.  He was a wind sock on legs.  No, actually, he was more like a TUBE sock on legs.  I had begun to despair of him ever looking like a real dog, but nature gradually did its work and one day when I looked at him, he had a chest, and some body.  The October shows didn’t yield any results, but he picked up a major Reserve and his third major over Thanksgiving weekend.  We’re entered all four days at Fitchburg next weekend.  Fingers and toes are crossed!

And last, but certainly not least, is the arrival of Whiskey, my new little stripey girl from Paula O’Donnell.  A Dickens daughter, out of Baewyn Telltail Bottoms Up, she’s three months old.  That is generally an age when you don’t do more than squint quickly in the general direction of a Cardigan puppy, but even so I’m seeing a lot of promise in her movement.  If she moves half as good as her Dad and her Aunt Rory, I’ll be ecstatic.

Now that the new blog is up, and dog activities are on the increase, expect to be hearing more from Kaleidoscope.


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  1. I’m glad you’re back blogging, Dawn. I laughed about Magnum. I had to put a bag over Holmes’ head for nine months — took it off one day and there was the show dog I saw as a baby puppy — darned boy dogs sure take their time.

  2. Gossip is easy, You read what others are doing on Facebook and report it!

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